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                <span class="title">The Takedown Lawyer</span>
                <span class="desc">Restore Your Privacy | Restore Your Life</span>

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                    <h2><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/2012/07/18/takedown-lawyer/" title="Permalink to Takedown Lawyer: Legal Services" rel="bookmark">Takedown Lawyer: Legal Services</a></h2>
                <p class="posted">Posted by : <span class="author">takedownlawyer</span> | On : <span>July 18, 2012</span></p>
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                        <span class="text"><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/category/takedownlawyer/" title="View all posts in TakedownLawyer" rel="category tag">TakedownLawyer</a></span>
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                                <div class="entry">
                    <p><strong>David Blade | Attorney-at-Law</strong></p>
<p>The reason you are here is that you were undoubtedly posted on one of several sites which reveals your confidential information, and they refuse to take that information offline, which is making your life difficult.</p>
<p>Have no fear &#8211; We can help; for a fraction of the cost of what other attorneys would charge. We have a 99% success rate in getting your information removed from harmful sites.  These  include everything from bad credit databases to adult websites.</p>
<p>For the low cost of $200-$500, we can make sure that your unwanted information is removed from these websites, so that you may have your freedom and your sanity back. We offer all of the same services that more expensive lawyers offer (DMCA takedown request, private investigation, takedown negotiation, filing request, subpoenas) at a fraction of the cost.</p>
<p>We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if your unwanted information, photographs, etc. are not taken offline.</p>
<p>Why wait? Get your safety, privacy, and peace of mind back. Contact me now at <a href="mailto:davidblade@takedownlawyer.com"> davidblade@takedownlawyer.com</a>, before it&#8217;s too late!</p>
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                <div class="date">
                    <p class="month">Jul</p>
                    <p class="day">19</p>
                <div class="title">
                    <h2><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/2012/07/19/success-rates/" title="Permalink to Success Rates" rel="bookmark">Success Rates</a></h2>
                <p class="posted">Posted by : <span class="author">takedownlawyer</span> | On : <span>July 19, 2012</span></p>
                <div class="metadata">
                        <span class="label">Category:</span>
                        <span class="text"><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/category/takedownlawyer/" title="View all posts in TakedownLawyer" rel="category tag">TakedownLawyer</a></span>
                    <p><span class="label">Tags:</span><span class="text"><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/1upem/" rel="tag">1upem</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/affordable/" rel="tag">affordable</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/anonib/" rel="tag">anonib</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/anybody/" rel="tag">anybody</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/anyone/" rel="tag">anyone</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/case/" rel="tag">case</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/civil/" rel="tag">civil</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/complaints/" rel="tag">complaints</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/creditors/" rel="tag">creditors</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/david-blade/" rel="tag">david blade</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/down/" rel="tag">down</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/file/" rel="tag">file</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/is/" rel="tag">is</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/law/" rel="tag">law</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/lawyer/" rel="tag">lawyer</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/legal/" rel="tag">legal</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/list/" rel="tag">list</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/meth/" rel="tag">meth</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/offendex/" rel="tag">offendex</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/pink/" rel="tag">pink</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/poor/" rel="tag">poor</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/privacy/" rel="tag">privacy</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/removal/" rel="tag">removal</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/safety/" rel="tag">safety</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/security/" rel="tag">security</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/services/" rel="tag">services</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/shame/" rel="tag">shame</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/submissions/" rel="tag">submissions</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/the/" rel="tag">the</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/up/" rel="tag">up</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/walk/" rel="tag">walk</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/websites/" rel="tag">websites</a>, <a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/tag/who/" rel="tag">who</a></span></p>                    <div class="bot"></div>
                </div><!-- /metadata -->
                                <div class="entry">
                    <p>Here are some of the websites that we&#8217;ve successfully had our client&#8217;s information, photographs, history records, etc. removed from. Most likely your information has appeared on one or more of the following websites:</p>
<p><strong>Is Anyone Up?</strong></p>
<p>Before it was shut down, we had a 95% success rate with Is Anyone Up &#8211; we managed to get 38 of 40 clients removed from the website, all for under $300.</p>
<p><strong>Is Anybody Down?</strong></p>
<p>We have a 100% success rate with Is Anybody Down. We can get you removed within 24 hours in most cases. We&#8217;ve had 7 clients so far and all of them had their photos and info removed.</p>
<p>We&#8217;ve only had 3 clients with 1upem, but all of their information has undoubtedly been removed. 100% success rate.</p>
<p><strong>Offendex: Sex Offender Registry</strong></p>
<p>We have had 48 wrongly listed clients removed from the Offendex database &#8211; 100% success rate.</p>
<p><strong>Walk The Shame</strong></p>
<p>We helped one client get their photographs removed from this website. That&#8217;s another 100% success rate!</p>
<p><strong>Pink Meth</strong></p>
<p>We&#8217;ve helped two of our clients get their photos removed from Pink Meth. This is also another 100% success rate!</p>
<p>We&#8217;ve helped someone whose job info and social information was posted on Anonib to regain his dignity and his job. We actually got him hired back at his workplace.</p>
<p><strong>List Submission&#8217;s Poor Creditors List</strong></p>
<p>We&#8217;ve helped 28 clients who were wrongly added to a list of poor creditors gain removal from this list and other lists like it.</p>
<p>Don&#8217;t mess around with lawyers who &#8216;might&#8217; get your pictures removed for thousands of dollars.</p>
<p>Contact me now, your future depends on it. Email me at <a href="mailto:davidblade@takedownlawyer.com"> davidblade@takedownlawyer.com</a>.</p>
                    <div class="clear"></div>
            </div><!-- /post -->
    </div><!-- /content -->

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                <li><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/2012/07/19/success-rates/" title="Success Rates">Success Rates</a></li>
                <li><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/2012/07/18/takedown-lawyer/" title="Takedown Lawyer: Legal Services">Takedown Lawyer: Legal Services</a></li>
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            <p>&copy; 2012 <strong><a href="http://takedownlawyer.com/">The Takedown Lawyer</a></strong>. All Rights Reserved. </p>
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